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  • Stress relief
  • Pain relief
  • Relaxation
  • Improved circulation
  • Restorative

A Swedish massage aims to relax and reduce tension in the body and mind. Utilising rhythmic massage techniques that loosen tired, aching muscles, remove knots and tension and leave you relaxed and restored.

Depth and intensity of the massage can be adapted to suit your needs.



  • Supports good posture
  • Speeds recovery
  • Reduces occurrence of injury
  • Improved flexibility
  • Better sports performance

A sport massage is designed for a deeper tissue tension. More direct pressure and intensity is applied, alongside the slower rhythmic massage to target deep-seated issues.

Treatments vary, depending on needs and can help prevent and rehabilitate injury, reduce fatigue, improve mobility and movement. It can also help address muscular imbalance that cause movement and performance issues or pain.

Massage Price List

Initial Consultation

Covers medical history, physical assessment and hands-on manual therapy time.

60 minutes - £60.00

Sports Massage

Duration is dependent on injury or issue and should be discussed before booking in.

60 minutes - £55.00

45 minutes - £45.00

30 minutes - £40.00

Therapeutic Massage

60 minutes - £50.00

45 minutes - £40.00

30 minutes - £35.00

Frequently asked questions

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Should I choose a Sports massage or Swedish?

Have a look at the benefits to both type of massage in information section. This may help you make your choice.

If you are still unsure you can book an initial 30 min consultation session, where we can discuss your needs and make a personalised plan.

Please note that this 30 minute consultation is a mandatory part of a session booked for new sports massage clients.

Do I come to you, or will you come to me?

This can be agreed at time of booking. I am mobile, so can come to you, depending on distance.

Do I need to supply anything if you come to me?

No, I will bring all necessary equipment. Just have a quiet space suitable to fit a massage bed in, with room to move around it. (Massage bed are about the size of a sun lounger)

Will I be required to undress?

This depends on the type of massage and area to be massaged.

You may need to undress to a degree, but you will be provided with towels to drape and cover yourself. You will only ever be asked to remove clothing within your comfort zone and only that necessary to access the area to be massaged.

If you are uncomfortable with undressing, I will still aim to provide the best massage I can, but this may be limited due to garments worn.

At all times, all clients will be required to wear full backed pants, boxer shorts or running style shorts.

Jewellery should be removed prior to treatment and long hair preferably tied back.

Do I need to prepare for a massage?

I request that you attend the massage in a relaxed state of mind and avoid eating anything too heavy beforehand.

Make sure you have hydrated and used the bathroom before we begin.

You need to have clean dry skin before we begin. So, if attending straight from an exercise session, please shower first.

Does massage hurt?

A Swedish therapeutic massage aims for relaxation and should therefore be pain free. There may be mild discomfort when knots or tension need to be removed. But you are in control and can request me to stop if necessary.

A sport massage can cause more discomfort and can be quite painful if deep tissue work is required. But again, you are in control. You can ask me to stop if necessary.

In all massages, I aim to make it as effective as possible. But within you own pain threshold – so do alert me to any unwanted discomfort, so I can adapt accordingly.

Do I need to do anything after the massage?

Massage helps your muscles release toxins. It is recommended you drink plenty of water during the hours or days after a massage, especially sports massage. As this helps your body flush the toxins away.

You will be told if you need to do any exercises or any further after care, after the session.

How many sessions do I need?

For Swedish massage there is no minimum or maximum requirement. You can book as many or as few as you feel you need.

For Sports massage, this will very much depend on the issue to be treated. You will be required to have an initial consultation session which may include initial treatment too.

Following this you may be recommended for additional sessions whilst I aim to restore your muscular health.

Is a deposit required for booking?

Yes, a £20 deposit is required at time of booking.

A booking can be rearranged as long as there at least 24 hours notice.

Cancellations or last minute requests to re-arrange (within 24 hours of booked session) will result in loss of deposit.

Bookings and Queries

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