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If you are new to TabbyFit scroll through some of the frequently asked questions and hopefully any queries you have will be answered.

However, if you can't find what you're looking for please fill out the FAQ form and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

  1. Am I too fat/unfit to exercise?

    Unless a GP has forbidden it, there is no excuse not to start exercising. Start with baby steps- anything is better than nothing. Standing up/sitting down is phys, walking is phys. Just do a little more each day, I'm not asking you to run a marathon (yet!).

  2. I don't have time to exercise!

    It's time to stop thinking of exercise as a time consuming extra thing to fit into your day. Consider how much time you spend; watching the telly, on Facebook, or down the pub. Take 10 minutes from each of these activities and spend an hour doing something fun and energetic. Feeling like you have earned your down time makes it extra special.

  3. I've tried exercising before and it doesn't seem to work for me so why bother?
  4. The simple answer- find something you enjoy! The secret to achieving results is to enjoy what you do. Don't write something off because it didn't work the first time. Different instructors, different outlooks and a different time can all contribute to the enjoyment factor. For example a relaxing yoga class at the end of a weeks work can set you up for the weekend and ensure you don't take the office home with you.

  5. Am I too old to begin exercising?
  6. It's a fact, you are never too old to start. Ok so you're Olympic days may be over, but regardless of your age you can improve your fitness. Start with baby steps, as you get fitter you will find that you can do more…and so the snowball begin! An interesting fact is that some of the fittest people in older age only began fitness regimes in middle-age. This is because they do not sport old injuries and worn joints from hardcore exercise whilst young. But their bodies respond to fitness just as well. Exercise can slow down the aging process. It's a simple matter of, use it or lose it!

  7. I have been told not to start exercising whilst trying to lose weight as this will slow down my weight loss.
  8. Training is vital to weight loss. In fact it should be fat loss you are concerned with and not purely weight loss. Weight loss is a result of dieting and consists of restricting calories, equalling loss of body mass. Body mass however, consists of muscle, water and fat. Training will ensure muscles are maintained and rebuilt, resulting in the weight loss being truly fat loss. The key is a balance of a healthy diet and exercise. Although the figures on the scales may not drop so quickly your dress size will! Remember, people know what you look like but they don't know how much you weigh!

  9. I've been doing loads of sit-ups but my jeans are still too tight around the waist!!
  10. You cannot reduce fat from one area of your body alone. Doing 100 sit-ups may benefit that muscle, but when fat burns it does not come off one specific area. I suggest you mix your sit ups with some form of cardio or cross training, fat burning exercise!

  11. Should I just stick to cardio exercises if I am trying to lose weight?
  12. Definitely not! Cardio will of course burn calories but it's main function is as stated, “for cardio” i.e. your heart and lungs. Resistance speeds up your metabolism, so therefore you'll burn more calories, even at rest. Muscle burns 6 calories per pound v's fat which burns 2 calories per pound, this means the more muscle you have the more calories you will burn, even while sitting down watching the telly! Free workout!

  13. I want to get fit but not bulk up. Is this possible?
  14. Definitely! In order to build bulk you would have to lift extreme weights that can only be lifted a couple of times per set. Free weight classes such as Pump fx and Body Pump train muscle endurance with lower weights for a longer time, the benefits being strong, lean muscles. Toned but not bulky.

    9.I am pregnant/ I gave birth 3 months ago. Can I start fitness classes?

    Being pregnant does not mean you have to stop exercising. If you are an experienced exerciser you can carry on with your normal routine up until 13 weeks. After this slight modifications are introduced to accommodate your change in shape. ALWAYS tell an instructor if you are pregnant and follow their modification guidelines. If you are new to exercise beginning a gentle exercise programme is fine as long as midwife and doctor agree. This is not a time to up your exercise intensity, listen to your body and always have extra water. If you require further, more in depth advice concerning exercising while pregnant please contact me directly.

    Once you have had your baby you are free to begin exercise classes, as long as you have had the all clear from your 6 week check . For C-Section or complicated births it will take a little longer and clearance from your GP will be required. Whenever you begin, do inform your instructor of any problems and how post natal you are as some exercises will need to be built up to for instance there is no point banging out sit-ups if you abs have not returned to their correct position. Modifications and variations can be incorporated into any class.

  15. What does Personal Training involve?
  16. Personal Training does exactly what it says on the tin. I train you with sessions specifically designed to you, your lifestyle and your goals. So what is involved really depends on you. Alongside your personally designed programme, I offer nutritional advice, motivation and mentoring. Perfect for building up to a specific event, perfect for post and pre natal, perfect for first timers- as it's just me and you. Small group training also available, all the benefits of personal training but with your mates!

  17. I've been told not to eat before exercising. Is this true?
  18. You need to eat in order to have energy. Imagine running your car without any fuel, it's not going to get very far is it? However, eat meals no less than 40 minutes beforehand as the food needs time to be digested and release it's energy ready for use in the body. Remember that carbs are the body's main fuel source and fat will not burn unless carbs are present.

  19. What equipment will I need?
  20. For Personal Training or classes all equipment that you may need will be provided. At home there are plenty of exercises which you can do without any special equipment. For more information please refer to the ‘Articles' section.

Hopefully I have answered any queries, concerns or questions which you may have. If you have any other queries please click here and fill out the form.